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Nothing but the best

We pursue the best for our vacation packages. These tailor-made holidays have been carefully designed by our travel consultants to provide our guests with the greatest and highest level of luxury, comfort, facilities and services. Adding the travel consultant service, we make sure that everything will be organised and fit your requests.


You will be provided with prime selection of accommodations and services. The guided tours that can be combined with your vacation are private and authentic excursions designed on a way to immerse you in the chosen destination. They allow you to experience life like a local at its most inspiring and transformational experiences, with the backup & unmatched local insight on which we pride ourselves.

  • Prices to be calculated upon request due to market variability

  • Flights can be included upon confirmation of the departure airport

  • Flights are not provided if not part of a package

  • A dedicated travel consultant will get in touch with you in order to deliver a perfect vacation

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