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Every detail counts

Are you up to something different? Maybe to explore some places and get to know them as an insider? What about just relaxing in a boat cruise with family and friends? Instead, just taste and get to understand one of the best cuisines in the world?


This is your opportunity to join us in a unique experience. Get ready and let the magic begin!

Workshop Lisbon Food Academy

The first cookery academy to operate inside a food hall, a perfect place to learn and share your love for food. 

Market Experience, 2h (min 12pax)
Discover the sensations and flavours of the Season with a tour of the Traditional Marktet. The participants will learn how to cook a Portuguese Traditional dish, and in the end have it to lunch with some of our most amazing wine.


Traditional Portuguese Workshop, 1h30 (min 12pax)
The best way to experience what it is to cook right in the center of the most known Food Court in Lisbon. The purpose is to cook and eat a Portuguese Menu, alongside some wine - participants cook the starter and main course, the dessert is on us.

Custard Tart (Pastel de Nata) Workshop, 2h (min 12pax)
The pastel de nata (custard tart) is Portugal's best-loved pastry. Discover the history of this wonderful sweet and learn how to make the crispy flaky pastry, the smooth cream and the burned top, achieving the perfect contrasts and flavours of this iconic Portuguese tart. Afterwards, savour one of your very own pastéis de nata, still warm from the oven and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar.

Taste Menu, 2h (min 12pax)
For all of those that only want to taste and learn more about our gastronomy, but not cooking, the Taste Menu is the Best option. In a Live Cooking format, our team finishes up the dishes and explains it's concept and history as the food is served, so you get all the small details that make Portuguese Cuisine one of the most incredible.

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