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Pousada de Bragança


Pestana Pousada de Bragança

The Pousada of Bragança is a unique project in the region, designed by architect José Carlos Loureiro, in the late 50s, a symbiosis with nature and the urban landscape, is opening in its most important spaces to the scenic splendor of the Castle and its surroundings.

Enjoy moments of relaxation in the magnificent pool and gardens, and in winter times we suggest you to enjoy a good local wine in the welcoming and comfortable air-conditioned living room with fireplace.

The “transmontana” region, land of welcoming people, provides various activities to cultural, scenic, leisure and sports. During your stay you can choose to visit the castle of Bragança, museums, churches, the municipal theater and also the stunning and natural landscapes such as the “Montesinho” Natural Park.

The traditional trade is also evident in the town with small shops with their own self-identity and a nostalgically warm and personalized service, making clear to visitors the daily experiences of the “brigantinos”.

Bragança is a city with a relaxed rhythm, months of endless sunshine, excellent cuisine and the cultural development emphasized by secular traditions.


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