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Palacete Alijó


Pousada Palacete de Alijó

The Pousada de Alijó has deepened its connection with Douro and its history of the oldest noted and regulated region in the world, offering an experience which will take the visitor back to the time and place of the Baron of Forrester.

Whether in the rooms or the restaurant, each space tells a different story about Douro. This is the only Portuguese Pousada in the Douro Region. Its name is homage to Joseph James Forrester, an English Businessman, who was rooted in Portugal during the XIX century, who, in 1855 received the title of Baron from King Fernando II, for his dedication to the state and the value he gave to Douro and the Port wine.

After works for reclassification, the Pousada was given a more contemporary environment, whilst still maintaining its Douro roots visible in every little detail.

The Barão Restaurant is a meeting place with tastes of Douro. The menu gives value both in the kitchen; the freshness of the meat, the smoked cuts and of the vegetables and in the wines, the proximity to Douro the birth region of Port wine.

Located in the heart of the Douro vineyard, the Pousada Barão de Forrester finds itself a short distance from the main touristic attractions of the region: the Port wine producing farms, the river and the train line, the Bread and the Wine of Favaios Museums, Douro and the Coa Art, as well as the International Natural Parks of Alvao and Douro.

The Pousada has 21 rooms on offer, equipped with air conditioning, mini bar and a LCD cable television. On the exterior you will find the swimming pool and the tennis court.


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