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Pousada Castelo de Palmela


Pousada Castelo de Palmela

The Pousada Castelo de Palmela is located in the historic centre of the city of Palmela, 42 km from Lisbon. Sitting 230 metres above sea level, it has fantastic views of the Serra da Arrábida, over the Atlantic ocean and over the lowlands and vineyards of the region. The Pousada includes cloisters from the old convent constructed in the castle.

The Pousada de Palmela offers an elegant restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of local dishes paired with beautiful local wine. Also visit the Pátio do Pessegueiro and contemplate the beauty of the scenery. Each room features different decor and is equipped with a TV and free Wi‑Fi.

Discover and enjoy local cuisine in the old monk-warriors' mess hall, now the Pousada's restaurant. We offer free private parking, where you can leave your vehicle during your stay.

Very little is known about Palmela before Dom Afonso Henriques' conquest of Lisbon, when the Moors surrendered and gave the land over to the Christians.

The main landmark of the municipality is its Castle. Built in a prime location, it is key to the area between the Sado and Tejo river basins, one of the points on Lisbon's defence triangle on the south side.

The castle, conquered and reconquered in epic and valiant battles led by the first Portuguese King, envelops the entirety of the Pousada—the old convent of the order of Santiago.


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