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Convento de Belmonte


Pestana Convento de Belmonte

The Pousada Convento de Belmonte originates from the recovery of the old Convent of Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Our Lady of Hope).The importance of Belmonte in the Portuguese history dates back to the middle ages, having been granted the Provincial Letter in 1199 by D.Sancho I.A region complete with countless monumental remains as well as the beauty and traditions of Serra da Estrela.

The Pousada de Belmonte is a hotel that is situated on a hillside of the Serra da Esperança (Mountain of Hope), just over 1 km from the town of Belmonte (birthplace of Pedro Álvares Cabral). Emerging from the renovation of the ruins of the old Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Our Lady of Hope) Convent, on an eighteenth-century chapel and probably also over remains of ancient pagan places of worship. The Pousada totally preserves the historical heritage of the convent (classified in 1986 as a property of public interest), including the amphitheatre architecture, among the pine forests of Serra da Esperança (Mountain of Hope), and a breath-taking view of the Cova da Beira and Serra da Estrela. In this architecture project a chapel and an old vestry were recuperated, which have been transformed into a lounge and bar. A stay in this stunning recluse means losing yourself in a deep tranquil silence which is only broken by the cheerful chirping of the birds.

The Pousada de Belmonte has a spacious terraced pool and a Jacuzzi. The guests can take advantage of horse treks fishing or walks around the area.All of the Belmonte’s rooms have balconies some with a view of the Serra da Estrela Natural Reserve. Decorated in relaxing tones with antique furniture, iron wrought beds and stone finishes of the region. The famous restaurant of the Pousada is inspired by its typical regional cuisine obtaining the secrets hidden within the mountains to be able to offer an array of dishes full of flavour and magic.Under the command of Chef Valdir Lubave, this restaurant gains a higher notoriety every day be it for the wonderful view of the mountain or for the cuisine specialities, no one is capable of staying indifferent towards one of the most beautiful restaurants of a Pousada in Portugal. Discover Belmonte and take yourself on a journey through Mountains and Land.


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